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# Project Release Date Observation Id Antenna Set Instrument Filter Channel Width [MHz] Number Of SubArray Pointings Start Time Duration [s] Nr Stations Core Nr Stations Remote Nr Stations International Number Of Stations Number Of Correlated DataProducts Number Of BeamFormed DataProducts
1 LC5_005 2017-05-15 591923 HBA Dual Inner 110-190 MHz 0.000000 30 2017-05-10 10:02:01 200.0 24 14 11 49 480 0

Project Information

contactAuthorJackson, Neal
primaryInvestigatorJackson, Neal
projectDescriptionLOBOS: the LOFAR LOng-Baseline calibratOr Survey - II

Antenna Set

The antenna configuration of the stations used.


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

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Start Time

Start Time in UTC.

Instrument Filter

Frequency filter used for the observation.

Number Of SubArray Pointings

The number of SubArrayPointings (SAP) of this Observation, click to show.

Nr Stations Remote

The number of Remote Stations used

Observation Id

Unique ID corresponding to the "L"-number (SAS-ID) in all systems.

Number Of Stations

Total number of stations used in this observation.


Duration in seconds.

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Channel Width

Width of a single frequency channel.

Stage Files

Selected products will be requested for download.

Nr Stations Core

The number of Stations used from the Core

Number Of Correlated DataProducts

The number of CorrelatedDataProduct(s) produced by this Pipeline or Observation, click to show.

Number Of BeamFormed DataProducts

The number of BeamFormedDataProduct(s) produced by this Pipeline or Observation, click to show

Nr Stations International

The number of International Stations used

Release Date

Date at which the data within the project will be publically released (still active projects may move backwards)

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Show the Pipelines that used data of selected.

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