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Interferometric Data (total 1)

# Project Release Date DataProduct Identifier Target Name Right Ascension [degrees] Declination [degrees] Central Frequency [MHz] Channel Width [Hz] Channels Per Subband Integration Interval [s] Start Time Duration [s] SubArray Pointing Identifier Subband Station Subband Stations Observations Pipeline Derived DataProducts
1 LC5_005 2017-05-15 21620593 J075104+162034 117.7667 16.3429 140.1352 48828.125000 64 2.00278 2017-04-19 16:51:01 180.0 779129 240 0 show 2 LBS0419/J075104+1620

Channels Per Subband

Number of channels per subband, reflecting the frequency resolution of the data.

Target Name

Name of the target of the sub-array pointing as specified in MoM.

Derived DataProducts

Link to the Pipeline(s) for which this DataProduct was used as input.

Filter DataProducts

Filter the current DataProducts on Station Subband or Beam number.

Station Subband

Subband IDs corresponding to the observing frequency.

Central Frequency

The central frequency of the subband. Usually the average of the frequency channels.


Duration in seconds.

Project Information

contactAuthorJackson, Neal
primaryInvestigatorJackson, Neal
projectDescriptionLOBOS: the LOFAR LOng-Baseline calibratOr Survey - II

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The Pipeline that produced this data.


Declination of the associated sub-array pointing.

SubArray Pointing Identifier

Information about which patch of sky was observed.


Stations used in this observation.


Sequential IDs of the subbands set up for the project.

Release Date

Date at which the data within the project will be publically released (still active projects may move backwards)

Right Ascension

Right Ascension of the associated sub-array pointing.


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

Start Time

Start Time in UTC.

Integration Interval

Time resolution of the data.

Channel Width

Width of a single frequency channel.


System settings used to observe this data.

DataProduct Identifier

Unique identifier used by MoM. Click this link for details and download information.

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