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CoherentStokes (total 1)

# Project Sampling Time [s] Processing Type Number Of Collapsed Channels Stokes Number Of Stations Raw Sampling Time [s] Time Downsampling Factor Frequency Downsampling Factor Channel Width [Hz] Channels Per Subband
1 Commissioning2017 0.02097152 Coherent Stokes 0 I 9 0.00131072 16 0 762.939453 256


Project code identifying the project/proposal the data belongs to.

Channels Per Subband

Number of channels per subband, reflecting the frequency resolution of the data.

Project Information

contactAuthorPizzo, Dr. Roberto Francesco
primaryInvestigatorPizzo, Dr. Roberto Francesco
projectDescriptionCommissioning observations 2017

Number Of Stations

Total number of stations used in this observation.

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Channel Width

Width of a single frequency channel.

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